Download Windows Application Cyber Cafe Management System

Download Windows Application Cyber Cafe Management System

Download Windows Application Cyber Cafe Management System: this system is very useful for cyber cafe. using this system admin of cyber cafe manage easily clients and their reports like , how much time use internet, which web access. disconnect automatic when time period is over.  A Cyber cafe normally has some number of PC’s which the customers will for certain amount of time. Now days it may also require to save some details of the customers for security reasons. When a customer enters a cyber cafe he has to be allotted a PC and the start time is noted. At any time the cyber administrator should be able to see the status of any PC , When the customer wants to do some other activities like taking a print out or scan a copy etc. It should  be recorded. And finally all the details will be available to the Cyber administrator. And he can submit on the form to generate the bill. There should be displays of all the transactions taking place in the cafe. Download Windows Application CyberCafe Management System with source code.

Project Details:

Project Title:- Cyber Cafe Management System

Front End:- VB.NET(Visual Studio 2005)

Back End:- SQL Server 2005 Database

Other Tools:- Sap Crystal Report

User: – 1) Administrator 2) Client

This Project useful for Engineering, Diploma, BCA, MCA, BscIT and MscIT students for their Final Semester .

Module Specification:

Ø  Admin

  • The system operator (admin) will be able to Add, Edit and delete user.
  • Admin will be able to Add, Edit and delete Computer Host.
  • Admin Manage Internet in computer.
  • Admin Assign Computer to the Client.
  • Admin Disconnect internet form his/her desktop.
  • Admin Manage Record of User.
  • Admin generate various crystal Report.
  • Admin Manage Bill.
  • Admin show all activiteis done by client.

Ø  Clent

  • Client log in to this system.
  • Show remaining time of internet access.




Project PPT Include:

  • Objective of Project
  • Project Synopsis
  • Project Profile
  • Hardware Requirement
  • Software Requirement
  • Existing System
  • Need for New System
  • Feasibility System
  • System Flowchart
  • Use case Diagram
  • Class Diagram
  • Activity Diagram
  • Sequence Diagram
  • E- R Diagram
  • Collaboration Diagram
  • Data Dictionary
  • Input Design
  • Output Design
  • Testing
  • Post Implementation Review
  • Future Enhancement

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